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Tarik Tradasaurus RexGreetings of peace. Welcome to Muslim Comedy dot com!


A friend of mine once quipped, “If you don’t think God wants us to laugh, look at a giraffe.”

As you can see, we’re building a website that showcases what Muslims find humorous. It’s generally the same stuff that makes everyone else in the world laugh — think along the lines of “My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding” but without all the Windex.

In other words, you don’t have to be a Muslim to laugh (or to make Muslims laugh). Yes, this includes laughing at ourselves — and believe me, the Muslim world could use a little laughter these days. So could the Tea Party.

Look for links to video clips, photos, and original stories from some really funny people.

You’ve waited more than 1,400 years for a Muslim Comedy website. Hope it was worth the wait. Let us know what you think. We’re just getting warmed up! And if you want to know why we use bananas as part of our logo, click here.

In peace,

Tarik Tradasaurus Rex
Founder and CHO (Chief Humor Officer)
email: laugh at muslimcomedy dot com

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